La Petite Ardennaise Rosa Romantica

Mooie romantische verzameltuin

Oriental plants & Perennials
contrasting plants in a garden

Echinacea "Green Envy" kopie
Echinacea 'Green Envy'

Permanent underplanting in a garden is a must, you can call it the finishing of your garden. A garden wouldn't be complete without it.
Some like it sleek and simple, others like cottage ......
As far as this garden is concerned, we have consciously chosen it; an adapted and natural undergrowth that includes an extensive range. This includes rare and exotic plants, of course quite hardy species. They give accents to various viewpoints of the garden concept

Cardiocrinum Giganteum kopie
Cardiocrinum giganteum

There is a lot to tell about perennials and this is infinitely extensive. There are thousands of types of perennials, not here
the order to make a whole story about it. Each species has its requirements in terms of location and soil type.
For those who want to delve into this, there is plenty of information to be found on the internet and / or books.
Tubers are also included. As an example, we give above the giant lily, which grows to more than two meters.
It takes about 4 to 5 years to flower, after which it usually dies and forms new tubers.
Ferns are also part of this, evergreen or not, it is a fan that is too large to elaborate on it.

Paeonia obovata “Chi Shao" kopie
Paeonia "Obovato Gun Shou"

Guy & Danielle

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